How to Create Vintage Inspired Photos with VSCO


Endless possibilities with VSCO presets

VSCO Cam is the one photo editing app I use for all photos I capture on my iPhone. I've downloaded and tried out countless other photo editing apps but VSCO Cam is the only one I continue to use on a daily basis. There's several benefits for using only one photo editing app but the main reason you may want to adopt this method too is it will raise the bar in your mobile photography skills. There's simply so much you can accomplish with this one photo editing app alone, you don't need to download another.

When you first start using the VSCO Cam app you may get overwhelmed by all the editing possibilities including their amazing presets. I've purchased every single one and experimented with them all. Over time I've narrowed down to a select few and developed a photography style of my own evoking the essence of who I am. The black and white B-series are part of this essence (check out the guide I created on this black and white series) but the other half belongs to the P-series.

Vintage inspired

Ever wondered how I create my vintage inspired photos? The answer lies in the VSCO Cam P-series presets. Below is a moodboard I've created including photos shot only on an iPhone, edited solely with VSCO Cam using the P-series preset family. Take a look at the mood you can create using the P-series with your VSCO Cam editing app.


Can you already begin to see the possibilities in your photos? The vibe of these presets are strong, intense with emotion, and vintage inspired. Of course you can always use the editing features available within the app to scale back intensity and even change the colors to your liking. But this moodboard is meant to give you a glimpse into what your photos could look like when editing with the P-series.

Limited Edition Collection

VSCO Cam's P-series presets are part of the Limited Edition Collection. This collection includes 16 packs total with 38 presets. Other preset families included are the B-series, C-series, F-series, G-series, K-series, M-series, P-series, S-series, T-series, and the X-series. This is a great group of presets including most of my favorites too so if you're wondering which ones to purchase first I recommend going with this collection!


The P-series preset family

If you admire the look and feel of film photography then you have found your soul mate in this VSCO Cam preset! The P-series replicates the style and colors of instant film, dramatizing and accentuating the beauty in your photos. There are 9 presets total in this family divided into three sections: instant and warm; instant and cool; and instant and classic. Let's dive in and take a closer look at how each one affects our photos.

Instant and warm

P1, P2, and P3 are part of the instant and warm section of the P-series. You'll notice these presets have warmer tones, especially in the highlights.


Instant and cool

P4, P5, and P6 are part of the instant and cool section of the P-series. These are opposites of the instant and warm presets, notice the cooler tones in the highlights. (I particularly love editing with these presets and using the tint feature to bring in a warmer touch)!


Instant and classic

And the last three presets of the P-series (P7, P8, and P9) are part of the instant and classic section. These presets are the most vintage inspired of the series as the colors resemble Polaroid film.


Your vintage inspired preset guide

I hope this guide has inspired you to experiment more with VSCO Cam's presets to find what fits you best and discover your visual style. You've just seen what's possible with the P-series preset family and you might to refer back to this while you're editing your next photo in VSCO Cam. I've created a visual guide that summarizes the vintage-inspired vibe and emotion of the P-series, enter your info below and get it sent straight to you!

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Monica galvan vsco cam p series guide

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